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In 2015 as a struggling student.

I stumbled upon a social media post showcasing an old-style painting of a person made into a great general.

The painting was commissioned as a unique and heartfelt gift for a family member. Instantly captivated by this humerus idea, I found myself inspired to give similar gifts for my own family and friends who were notoriously difficult to shop for.

However, when I delved into the cost of getting a professional portrait done, I was disheartened to discover that it could easily amount to hundreds of dollars—far beyond my budget at the time. Determined not to let go of this extraordinary concept, I made a decision:

"If it's beyond my means, then I'll take matters into my own hands."

That decision set me on the path that has led to what you see today—a company dedicated to crafting affordable, personalized portraits of you and your loved ones.

Since 2015

I have worked on perfecting my craft and providing portraits for friends and family alike

regardless if they wanted for it or not

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